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SWCA formerly Sycamore prepares a full range of CEQA/NEPA documents including CEQA Categorical Exemptions and Notice of Exemptions (NOE), NEPA Categorical Exclusions, CEQA Initial Studies (IS), CEQA Negative Declarations (ND) and Mitigated Negative Declarations (MND), NEPA Environmental Assessments (EA), Findings of No Significant Impact (FONSI), and Environmental Impact Reports (EIR), as well as Addendums, Supplemental, and Subsequent documents. Our regulatory compliance program includes the preparation of federal- and state- permit applications for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Section 404 Nationwide and Individual permit applications, Department of Fish and Wildlife 1602 Streambed Alteration Agreement applications, and Regional Water Quality Control Board Section 401 Water Quality Certification applications. Sycamore Environmental works as a liaison between clients and regulatory agencies in the project approval process. Our environmental compliance program also includes conducting preconstruction plant and wildlife surveys and construction monitoring.
We work closely with project engineers and engineering/design firms to develop existing conditions analyses, evaluate project effects, and to develop avoidance, minimization, and mitigation measures. Our existing relationships, lines of communications and professional approach help to successfully deliver projects to construction.